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Originally Posted by thetourist
I noticed when Antontrax broke his SLR the quality of his pics didn't decline.
That's very true. In fact I had forgotten his DSLR was broken until he mentioned it later. I think there are several reasons for his photos remaining so good:

1. Antontrax is just really good. He could take great photos with a cell phone camera because he has a great eye for what looks good.

2. He was still using a pretty good camera. I think he was using a Panasonic LX2, which is preferred by many photographers over other point-n-shoots because of the sensor size and manual controls.

3. He follows the professional photographers rule of shooting many, many photos, but ONLY showing the absolute best. If your viewers only see your absolute best work they are tricked into thinking you are better than you are. At least that's the thinking, but I'll bet Antontrax took many really great photos on his trip we'll never see. I'm trying to learn to cull more, but I'm torn on the use of this technique for a ride report. If you are a professional shooter and every photo shown to the public must be worthy of your profile gallery, that's one thing. When trying to document the actual ride I'm not going to discard all of the midday photos taken in poor lighting, or the pics of a rough part of the trail, or my bike stuck in a mud hole, just because it isn't technically a great photograph. machinebuilder also mentioned this point,
4. sometimes you don't need a great picture to tell the story
4. Antontrax was still post-processing his photos in Lightroom. Post-processing is something I thought I'd never do, but...
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