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Originally Posted by LittleWan
1) keep a old fashioned pen and paper journal. I couldn't have remembered all the details without my trusty journal. Every night, I wrote down where we were, where we had gone, how many miles we rode, and as many details about the day as I could. I also drew something - usually the floorplan of our motel room (drawings of campsites work, too). I find that drawing helps etch things into my brain. It makes me remember not only what I'm drawing, but also the things around me. Tons of memories and details come flooding back when I see an old drawing. Make little notes about your neighbors, the weather, the view... all those things jog your memory as well. And, remember -the crappier the day, the more fun it is to re-live later!

Excellent tip, I do the same thing.

I like a title that has nothing to do with the location, but remember to put enough info in your first line so the lazy(me) will get where you are going with a cursor hover. The title came to me over many days with a basic start to get me to actually write something down.

Sometimes titles come to me long before I leave home and I save those in notepad on my computer to be used later if they somehow fit into what happened.

I met a great song writer once and I asked what a certain lyric was in one of his songs. He answered that it could be whatever I wanted as he mumbles some lyrics on other words leave a little mystery. Leave some mystery in your truthful even if you're a scofflaw like me, but leave enough mystery that people ask you questions as forums are for discussion..this isn't a blog.

I'm far from a photographer, but I remember the basics..rule of thirds and shoot from dark to light and I get by. I do very little post editing as I take 3-400 pictures per day and it takes too much time to edit.

That's all I've got.

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