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Originally Posted by bluesman
If anyone needs information where to go for best roads etc. - will be glad to help. I will post some photos when my friends with cameras will upload all stuff. DR on supermoto wheels will be at home there. Except you will need to update suspension I think, at least brace forks.
Hey bluesman, welcome back. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself! And that's what I was thinking......a supermoto DR sounds like the perfect bike!

In fact, I'm planning a similar trip in september: ride all the cool Alpine passes in 10 days (at which we will fail miserably, but have a hoot trying).

Crew: 1990 stock DR750 on Conti Trail Attacks, my 96 DR800 on Anakee's and....a 98 ZX-9R. The ZX has at least 3 million horsepower more than the DR's....but then we get to the twisty bits
The DR makes me feel like I'm cheating. The big bars, upright position, "friendly" torque from the single.....if things get tight I stick out my foot supermoto style and just keep pointing it to the corner exit. Laughing like a drunk pirate, HARRR.

If you've got the info on the best roads in some handy format (Google Earth, Tomtom etc), I'm interested! Still looking for the best parts of Switzerland, Austria and Italy for the return from the Routes des Grandes Alpes.

I'm also still doing the homework for the ultimate fork swap. I can't get over the fact how readily available shiny almost-new USD fronts are......right now I'm looking at a 2003 CRF450 front (950mm..a bit much ) for 250.

One thing I still don't understand: WHAT are the limits of the SR43 frame? I've measured my forks (axle to top yoke) at 910mm. Max suspension travel according to manual is 240mm, which does look like the absolute maximum with the stock wheel. So...any fork with the same offset should have a minimum length of 670mm, right? Der Stefan, for some reason, says it's 695mm.

Then why isn't everybody putting in KTM Adventure 950/990 front ends? 2004 Adventure has 230mm travel and (I'm guessing) 910-930mm length. In fact, here is a complete list from another thread here on ADV:

2003 Adventure = 230mm travel
2003 Adventure 'S' = 265mm travel
2004 Adventure = 230mm travel
2004 Adventure 'S' = 265mm travel
2005 Adventure = 210mm travel
2005 Adventure 'S' = 245mm travel
2006 Adventure = 210mm travel (990)
2006 Adventure 'S' = 245mm travel (990)
2007 Adventure = 210 mm travel (990)
2007 Adventure 'S' = 265 mm travel (990)

Ok, that would still require a valve and spring job....and it would get expensive anyway. But the WP Extreme swap will easily go over 500-600 euro's right?'s all a bit confusing. Maybe I should just start with stiffer spring and a fork brace for the coming trip.
I was surprised to grind the right peg this morning with my girlfriend on the back (we're both 60kg, pre-load turned all the way up). I wasn't even pushing it.

Oh, and I lost two bolts already (fairing + center crashbar bolt), haha
1996 Suzuki DR650SE

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