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Hey Larryboy! Did you steal your daughter's notebook? I woulda turned that photo black and white.

But seriously, thanks for joining in. Carrying a notebook is a good tip. I heard it before and followed the advice. Unfortunately, I'm terrible about actually using it. I thought I would try to keep a nice journal or diary to remember all the feely stuff, but just like in school, I'm terrible at taking notes. I still use it, but mostly for jotting down names of persons I meet, and to keep a running tally of fuel purchases and such non-emotional stuff. I tend to rely on photos more to recall what happened. I like to snap a shot of the gps statistics screen at the end of the day and usually include this in the report. I think I picked this up from the MOBIUS report.

I wish I had the writing skills, creativity, and courage to expose my emotions as well as Larryboy does.

A typical GPS Screenshot

I also learned how to create and save route maps as a JPEG and will probably write a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this.

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