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[quote=XTrooper]Eighty seven cents per mile not counting gas and oil? I don't believe it. What in hell did you buy?

2003 R1150RT with 18,857miles on it
it looks great like new
most of the upgrades are on it at time of sale. service records checked out.

I asked that BMW check & replace oil & tranny fluid $100
First I had a break sensor go out. $150.
This lead to finding that the tranny seal was leaking $600
Then the rear shock went out (replaced with ohlins) $1000, installed & on sale (cheaper than the BMW shock)
Rewiring of the driving lights $300
Tires that seemed close to new are said to need to be replaced $600
24K service $700

Owned =1 year
Total mileage= 4000
Total repairs= $3500

$3500 divided by 4000 driven =87.5 cents per mile in repairs (not counting gas & oil,or up grades)

My question to the group is …… is this normal up keep cost for owning a BMW????
I have read this group –and others before I got the my RT and got the impression that this bike was going to be
About as trouble free as a sundial..

How can some of you go around the world on a bike
And I have the same bike that needs to go to the dealer every other time it leaves my drive way.
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