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Day 2 Laredo to San Louis Potosi 509 mi.

Yesterday was amazing. First of all, it was the longest single ride day for Paul or I ever. 500 miles is a long way...especially in Mexico. The roads were great and we received lots of help along the way...even from nature. It did start off with waiting a little at the border. We were given great information that the Colombia border, West of Laredo was the border to hit. There was no one there...literally.

The border does not open until 8:00 and we got there at 7:15. It was perfect. The weather was nice and I got to make some phone calls from the USA side of the border before we crossed over. Paul had to go to a small white building to get his previous import permit canceled because he forgot to do in a year ago when he exited after riding to Puerto Vallarta. They gave him no problems about it. Afterwards I found a mexican lollypop hanging from a urinal. Why it would be hanging there I don't know. I figured it was supposed to be peed on up there.

The ride out of Nuevo Laredo was uneventfull and smooth. I have to say right here...I SAW NO SIGNS OF DANGER IN MEXICO. People are going about their lives and working and living. I realize there are people in danger, but for the most part they are fighting each other. We felt very safe and people are so helpful and friendly. We passed through Monterrey and took Libre. (the free road not the toll one, Cuota) The ride was spectacular...through the mountains. Monterrey was covered in cloudy smog because of the huracane that just passed through. We went to Saltillo in the Periferico but did not have to pay the toll because they were letting people go for free because of all the road closures. The road is open between Saltillo and Monterrey...

We found a bank in a small town near Saltillo called Ramos Arizpe. We had lunch at a Spanish deli called Illi y oli. It was great. My kids will reconize the green salsa on the table. My favorite.

While eating lunch it started to pour. The rain came down so fast it made rivers in the streets. We decided to suit up and head out and the rain stopped. It was perfect. We got to do some river crossings and did not even need to get offroad. The road out of Saltillo to "Mexico" is great. Lots of twists and turns. It only rained on us once. The smell of creosote bushes was very powerful.

We arrived in San Luis Potosi around 8pm. As we rode into town and were looking for the Zocalo, a guy flags us down and says...Where are you going? We said we were looking for downtown and a hotel He says follow me and takes us exactly where we wanted to be.

He gave us his info and welcomed us back to hook up with him the next time we are in town...Thanks Antonio...

We walked around a bit last night and crashed hard. 500 miles isn't just hard on the butt...This morning I walked around the city for an hour and 1/2 starting at dawn. Those pictures and stories will come later.
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