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tres imagines

Paul here, signed in as Jeff...

Three images for day 1 Mexico...

Parking car next to me as I await Jeff getting money. Mustache man with his 3 kids.

"Habla espanol?"

"Muy linda la moto"
Gracias...I like it too.

It's big enough to get me where I need to go.

"Y mas"

I figure it's sticker time and pull out some that I had bought at Walgreens. I asked if his kids would like some, and he says sure. He makes them say thanks and they seem happy...yet confused a bit by some 6'3'' space suit alien handing them something. A minute late he asks if I'm Catholic and would I please accept his rosary hanging from his mirror, that it had been blessed as his kids school. The cross was a bit broken, but he said it would still work. It's in my tank bag.

2. Little girl by the side of the hiway, all dressed in pink walking through the mud and puddles, cute as can be, all of 8 or 9 years old. I begin to raise my arm to wave and right then she flips me off. Que Dios te bendiga, mi hijita.

3. Antonio helsp us find a hotel. A two sticker day as I hand him an ADV decal for his bike as he rides and visits this site. His genuine smile at being able lead us through San Luis Potosi to our hotel was a thing of beauty. It starts pouring right when we get our bikes in the parking garage.

My "me" moment of the day...Jeff brings my motorcycle key to me in the hotel room...says I left it in inserted in the gas cap at the parking garage. Oh well, the bikes were already chained together.
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