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Originally Posted by Jamie Z
I've got the southern portion of the Missouri MRT. Can anyone take care of the north?

I can help out on the portions around St. Louis starting this week. Funny, I rode on part of it on Monday, 7/5! Wish I had the GPS on the bike! I can get some coordinates starting on 7/8, since I need to be at a meeting downtown and the office is adjacent to the North Riverfront Trail (bike/ped only - I can map out an alternate route for moto's. I can start in a southerly direction and have it mapped down to Cape in a bit. Then start on the northerly part out of St. Charles - Hannibal - Alexandria at the Illinois crossing.

Will pour over the Vertices map and start the process. This should be fun and give me a definite place to ride. May take along some biking buddies who also moto as well for the ride.
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