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Originally Posted by RAGBrian
I can help out on the portions around St. Louis starting this week. Funny, I rode on part of it on Monday, 7/5! Wish I had the GPS on the bike! I can get some coordinates starting on 7/8, since I need to be at a meeting downtown and the office is adjacent to the North Riverfront Trail (bike/ped only - I can map out an alternate route for moto's. I can start in a southerly direction and have it mapped down to Cape in a bit. Then start on the northerly part out of St. Charles - Hannibal - Alexandria at the Illinois crossing.

Will pour over the Vertices map and start the process. This should be fun and give me a definite place to ride. May take along some biking buddies who also moto as well for the ride.
Cool, looks like you're a cyclist too.

There are two good ways to plot the MRT on your motorcycle. First, you can save a waypoint at every significant point. For example at each corner mark a waypoint. Or every time you pass an MRT sign mark a waypoint. On most GPSs, you can mark a waypoint and leave the default name with just a couple button clicks--easy to do while moving.

Another option is to save your track for the MRT. Just make sure it doesn't also include parts which aren't on the route.

As for parts of the MRT which are on bike paths, so far I haven't encountered it, but I suppose the best workaround is to simply follow the road closest to the bike path. I think especially for the MRT, the bike path would necessarily follow a parallel road.

If we could do Missouri, that'd be great. I have in mind maybe doing Illinois (at least the southern portion) this upcoming weekend, depending on how circumstances work out.

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