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Originally Posted by Jamie Z
Cool, looks like you're a cyclist too.
Yep, I am. So I can look at this in two ways: I get to check out the MRT on a moto with a view as a cyclist. Plus, I can do it quicker!

Originally Posted by Jamie Z
There are two good ways to plot the MRT on your motorcycle. First, you can save a waypoint at every significant point. For example at each corner mark a waypoint. Or every time you pass an MRT sign mark a waypoint. On most GPSs, you can mark a waypoint and leave the default name with just a couple button clicks--easy to do while moving.

Another option is to save your track for the MRT. Just make sure it doesn't also include parts which aren't on the route.
I was thinking the same thing. I have an eTrex that I can use for tracks, and can set a waypoint in memory that I can rename with EasyGPS. I will bring the camera along and can take a pic or two on the waypoints that need a pic to describe

Originally Posted by Jamie Z
As for parts of the MRT which are on bike paths, so far I haven't encountered it, but I suppose the best workaround is to simply follow the road closest to the bike path. I think especially for the MRT, the bike path would necessarily follow a parallel road.
We are on the same wavelength here, and I believe the only part of the MRT that is on a trail in the St. Louis Metro area is on the North Riverfront Trail. There is a major road that parallels it, so that can be the alt route. North of that, it is back on driveable roads.

Originally Posted by Jamie Z
If we could do Missouri, that'd be great. I have in mind maybe doing Illinois (at least the southern portion) this upcoming weekend, depending on how circumstances work out.

I re-checked the Vertices map for Illinois, and it also looks to be all driveable (not a bike path AFAIK). Let me know what you need for the Central Illinois sections as well, since it can be a round trip research ride. I think in a previous post you said you had a fair amount of Illinois in a file.
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