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Leon to SMA...cont

So the ride between Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende is the best one so far. I was in a zone and had some adrenaline pumping. Paul let me borrow his good earphones (I swear I´ll give them back) and I was rocking the latest Avenged on the ipod. When we got to SMA I had a little dizzyness because of the adrenaline high that went away. We took the small road due east. On my map it did not have a number. When you get to the top of the cuota entering into Guanajuato, turn right to San Miguel. Mountain peaks, farming being done in rocky soil with oxen...terraced farming and not too many farm animals to run into as you blast away. I loved it. It was the best rush so far and way beautiful.

Paul proved he had connections in SMA. He teaches here sometimes through his college and he hooked us up...literally. This is a picture if Maria de la cruz´house, 2 blocks from the zocalo )(centro) We drove our bikes into the courtyard, ordered food, it was delivered and we watched the second half of the world cup when Spain dominated (beat) Alemania. It was amazingly fun.

It started to rain then...and poured. It was great. It stopped and we could walk around the zocalo and come here to post. Got some laundry done. Extremely fun and productive day...

One more parting shot of Guanajuato...I love that place. Edgy and raw...not so tame like SMA and not as many white people as SMA all trying to learn Spanish by speaking English to each other at cafes and shops.

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