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As Jeff was saying, it was raining this morning when we left León. For breakfast we walked to the nearest Oxxo and bought some rolls. Jeff pulled out his poncho because it was coming down pretty good. Mmmmm, sin comentarios...

We arrived at Guanajuato and while Jeff went to check out the market and do his business, I watched the bikes.

A family of three hopped on a 125...guy in front, 2 year old in the middle, then mom on the back. I told them that looked like a fun way for a family to travel and the smiled and agreed and the little guy even waved.

Soon Jeff returned with news that he had to pay 4 pesos to use the restroom (2 more than the Pemex stations), but I refused to pay four pesos to piss, so I waited it out.

Riding up towards la Bufa...
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