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The first thing I did after waking up was to scan the Eastern skies for any sign of rain. While it is so much better to be on a scooter than on any other two wheeler in the rain, nothing beats starting out on a long trip dry.

What i saw made me happy......

The GP800 has a relatively small underseat storage compartment, a problem I solved by installing the tail carrying case on a mounting specifically made for this model. Packing for the trip was dead easy, with plenty more space left unused.

By 0830 I was already at the RV point, a petrol station just after the Gombak toll at the beginning of the Karak Highway.

Ariff, Sean and Don arrived within minutes of each other and they proceeded to pump gas into their tanks.

Amir arrived just after the three

While waiting for the others to arrive, a number of Goldwings arrived. These "Land Yachts" turned out to be going the same way, and when they found out that we are headed the same direction, there was a look of disbelief.
Don, Ariff and Sean checking the Wings out....while Amir looks on....

Pian and Amir arrived soon after.....

And it was decided that I will wait behind for the latecomers while the early birds leave early. We agreed to RV at the Temerloh RnR, about 108 kilometers away. Just as we were leaving, the Wingers also left for Temerloh.

The guys left the petrol stations, and I was amused as I watched them pull away on their little scooters on the same road they would be blasting their litrebikes on every Sunday.

The bigger scooter boys arrived about 10 minutes after the early group left. We'd think it should not be a problem for the bigger scooters to catch up.

After about another 10 minutes, the Fuoco, Nexus and the GP800 began our journey.

We took it relatively easy on the straights.....

more to come......
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