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Tanjung Inn Resort is smack where the Cherating Tourist belt is. What was formerly rustic fishing villages has now turned into a mini industry to provide tourism services.
None of the resorts in this area falls into the high end segment. A few are downright tacky, but the one we stayed in was very tastefully done, although the front 'office' gave no indication of that being the case.

The Front Office

We were pleasantly surprised on being told that we can ride our bikes right up to the Chalet doorstep. As we rode around the front office, the Resort revealed its well manicured compound...

The pathway to the Chalets was just right for our scooters.

The Chalet I shared with Amir Isa for the night sits at the edge of a Lily pond, with the balcony hanging over the water.

Amir Isa's Fuoco and myGP800.

The view from the Chalet.

Another angle of our Chalets.

The Majesty parked in front of the Chalet shared by Ariv and Amir CR.

The South China Sea, just 100 meters from our temporary domicile...

I really thought that the Lily pond was a nice touch.

After settling in, we jumped on our scooters to get some lunch. again the advantage of the scooter shines through. Normally, after a ride on big bikes, we would be reluctant to ride again as it involves getting into cumbersome boots and riding gear, but on scooters, its just a matter of swinging a leg over, and twisting the throttle.

Sean will pass for a 'Wild Hogs" rider if he had a Harley between his legs.

Makan Time

Don Archer, Scooter Demon, Sambal Belacan eating " I use my fingers" Mat Salleh from Colorado enjoying his food.

We returned to the Chalet after lunch, and the wonders of modern telecommunications meant that Amir Isa can continue with his quest to sue the pants of unwary people at his client's behest ( he's a lawyer you see ), doing so while enjoying the scenery......

Later in the evening, we all walked to the beach, hoping to see the sunset, forgetting that we were in the East Coast. :oops: we observed a family of Hornbills instead. There was also the local monitor lizard swimming in the lily pond, and we all sat back to enjoy our National Geographic moment....
The Hornbill.

The Biawak Monitor Lizard

Dinner was at the Duyong restaurant, about 5 minutes away by scooter.

We left at abou 11PM, ready to turn in for tommorow's leg. We will ride from Cherating to Kuala Besut using the coastal highway covering 285 kilometers.

Next; Day TWO - Cherating to Kuala Besut.

Cheers from PJ, Malaysia
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