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Day TWO - Cherating to Kuala Besut.

Fine weather again this morning. We will be covering about 270kms, riding parallel to the blue South China Sea, passing quaint fishing villages framed by coconut trees and lagoons as backdrops.....

Our two machines; three cylinders, 1300cc, and 5 tyres between the two.

Checking Out. Our Chalet, air conditioned, twin queen sized beds with hot water, made of tropical hardwood, costs all of U$D 25.

Short Ride to breakfast.

Don shows Amir how to use a bandana. Heaps better than the balaclava he has been wearing so far.


Somehow i got separated from everyone else, and thinking they were ahead, i balsted my way all the way past Kuala Terengganu and stopped at Merchang. I got a call from Faisal and an RV point was arranged

The Rest


Meanwhile....I was here while they pumped gas at Marang.

Knowing that it will be a bout one hour before they get to the RV point, I explored the area. Turns out that this was one of the jetties from which holidaymakers use to get to Pulau Perhentian, a group of islands about 45 minutes away by speedboat. Slightly bigger than Isle of Manx, the clear waters around the islands are perfect for diving and snorkeling, untouched corals jealously guarded by the Marine Police.

Waiting at the RV point

The guys on their way there

They finally arrived


Back on the road with another 70kms to Kuala Besut.

The Penarik road has very light traffic, and very straight and smooth, with no potholes. We made good progress. I wanted to stop the guys for some beachside pictures, but, being motorheads, they were too busy chasing each other........

Don started the ball rolling by overtaking Sean

Sean again trying hard to beat Don

The rest of us decided to enjoy the view

Sean eventually slowed down and decided to enjoy the view instead

Amir Isa and me stayed behind soaking the scenery.

On reaching Kuala Besut, my cousin was waiting in his SUV to lead us to the jetty for some keropok lekor, a local specialty.

The scooters at rest

While we enjoy our snacks. My cousin is 4th from the left. He later paid the tab and arranged for dinner at a local restaurant. The menu was fish over charcoal, really good stuff. there's no experience better than to eat fresh fish that has just came off the fishing boat a couple of hours ago.....

Pian, Sean and Ariv.

The Scooligans

Shortly thereafter we proceeded to our Hotel ( 13 Quid for an aircon double ), about 10 minutes away, led by my cousin Jazzlan. He was initially supposed to join us on his 400cc Suzuki Burgman scooter, but the workshop could not fix his bike in time, and he does not want to ride his Beemer or R6 so he aborted the plan.

That night, just as we were about to leave the hotel for dinner it poured cats and dogs, so Jazzlan ferried us in his SUV, making two trips to the restaurant. He also picked up the tab for dinner, real Besut hospitality. Thanks Coz.......

We got back before midnight, looking forward for tomorrow's segment from Kuala Besut to Betong, Thailand, riding the East West highway across the Northern Mountain Range of Peninsula Malaysia, a distance of just under 330kms.
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