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Wow, another chance encounter yesterday...

So we made it from Orizaba to Ciudad del Carmen around 5:30. We're looking for a hotel and after making a wrong turn I notice a guy standing in his drive who looks like he might know the city, maybe give us a hotel recommendation. We see he has a motorcycle in his patio and that's a good sign. Turns out that Eric is the vice president of the local chapter of LAMA (latin america motorcycle association) and he says he'll take us to a decent one which he does!

He gives me the number of the president who lives in Merida (Beto) and says to call him because we want to go there Saturday, says Beto will help us out with things. Cool! I call Beto later in the evening and he asks where we're at. Turns out he's only 10 minutes away and he soon shows up with Eric and his wife and before we can blink we're on our way to a nice brasilean restaurante where the owner is another member and we're about to have an interesting evening at their weekly Friday meeting!

I'll let it at that for the moment while maybe we get some pictures ready....
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