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Amazing Stuff and Day 5 SMA to Orizaba

We continue to be amazed at the people we run into here in Mexico. Such caring, interesting, family oriented, smart people who are and have been so kind and helpful. As you will see whe we talk about what happened last night. We did not get back to the hotel util like 1:30 am. A crazy amazing night. However back to day 5.

I did a little walking around San Miguel de Allende one day and I found that most schools were graduating. I wandered in to one and saw this:

Lot of parents taking photos and giving flowers and gifts. In my wanderings I ran into the catedral and the main plaza.

This meal was the recommendation of the waiter. It was near the plaza. Killer "cesina" as we watched a small tv play old Simpson's re-runs dubd into Spa.

In SMA we stayed with friends of Paul. Maria de la cruz and her husband Sacramento Great people. If you need a place to stay in SMA...Contact Paul. He will give you the hook up. They were so amazing.

One final shot leaving town...

We traveled all day to get to Orizaba. We hit a traffic jam just north of Mexico City and spent 1.5 hours going 12 miles. It would have been 4 hours but we split lanes, used medians and weaved our way around traffic, busses, trucks full of pigs and cops. What a clustercuss. After that the pain of the tolls began. We hit the newest, nicest freeway to Puebla. Killer fast...killer expensive. A one hour stretch runs about 200 pesos. We wanted to get to Orizaba...and we did. The last hour is all down mountains. It is foggy and cloudy 85% of the time. It was for us. Very eerie and surreal. Through tunnels and down into the city. was also pouring rain. When we got to Orizaba, we were soaked and beat.
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