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Today I'm putting on my KLR650 2008-2010 rear-shock, I never found anyone on the net
who did this before so it could be that it hits the air-filter box and the yoke down on the
rear-bridge. So, let's get started!

Before I started I thought to check how much space there was around the yoke:

From the top

From the bottom

There isn’t much space…

Lifting the bike on some milk-crate and some wood... 5cm clearance for the rear wheel...

First I had to remove the two side fenders and the seat, followed by removing also the battery.
Then I have to loosen the battery holder for some extra millimeters of play. After that, the
air-box can be moved some 2cm backwards, sure I need to detach the air-box from the
carburetor and the 3x M6*16mm. Now, finally I can remove the bolt and nut from the upper
part of the shock; at Suzuki they could have made the air-box just a bit smaller so you
would NOT have to do all the darn steps I described before.

Now, I just have to remove all the bolts and nuts from the down section and the yoke. While
I'm removing all, I inspect all the bearings; all seem to be fine. Shock comes out smooth and
o man it's a mess. Cleaning all up and applying new "super-grease", the yellow/orange
one, in every hole and bearing. there is a lot of empty space between the 2 needle bearings
so I'm filling that up as well.

Now, let's compare those shocks:

The KLR shock is about 18mm longer but I would not see why that would be a problem.
So, let's continue greasing the fresh made bushings in and see if the shock fits with the
upper part.

The bushings came in yesterday and they fitted perfectly:

Lower part, bushing from 15 to 10mm, and 3mm spacer, one on each side

Bushing placed

upper part, bushing from 12.1 to 10mm, and 4mm spacer, one on each side

Bushing placed

So, I´m placing the bushing in and see if it lines up in the upper section... well... it does not.
Bushing are perfect but something is hitting the frame... darn. Upon inspection, I see
that the KLR650 shock isn't as rounded as the DR650 shock so... I need a bench-grinder...
I don't have one so let's go to the shop to get one with some clamps to set it on my office desk
(I don't have a workshop like most of you guys ). There, got one, will be handy in the
future any way, now, let's start grinding that sucker.

This is what needs to be done:

Red part will be gone

Now, 20 minutes later I'm done, even a better job than Kawazaki did I would say :

Finish with 320 grid paper

Now, let's put that sucker in!

Snug as if it was made for it!

I thought I needed to mod that air-box but all fitted well, as you can see, the spring
adjuster bolt I kept on the left side and not on the right side as it would be originally placed
on a KLR650. Now the down section:

Nice, compared with this:

The seat height went up by 2.5-3cm and even some 5cm at the back:

And one shot from behind the bike:

Now, the test drive! When sitting on it it feels smooth, way less bumpy for sure as the other
shock had no oil in it any more. It feels a bit too plush almost but I'll be adjusting it little by
little till I find the right setting for my type of riding style.

I hope that this could help fellow inmates here to have an alternative when their shock goes
AWOL. I paid in total, shock, shipping (43USD from the USA to Mexico), bushings and some
small parts, a total of 200USD.

Originally Posted by puntoMX View Post
Part II on the KLR650 shock:

I just did it with a handdrill, starting will a small 1mm drill, followed by a 4mm drill, 7mm drill,
and finally a 9.9mm drill, I got it 0.5mm on the left side so I had to do it the same on the
other side, most won't even see it.

This is how it looks now, I could have cut the lower parts off but it doesn't border me to
have those holes there.

This is how the bikes looks now, the highest point at the back is now 101cm and seat height
at the lowest point is 87cm. Shock is now set at 3 for pre-load and the max for rebound,
I don't know what the KLR guys are complaining about but when that shock is lubricated and
NOT under load, it's easy to set the pre-load to a higher level (Design fault my ).
I also lowered the front by 12mm and see how that goes. I'm pooped, it's 01:26 AM .

Will post back tomorrow... well, later today.

Preload is set at "4", after using the setup for some time I can see that the rear shock does touch a little bit the airbox, but it's not damaging anything. I'm still happy as a kid (wait, I'm still a kid ) with it...
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