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Already replaced them. And your right, they were junk.

Originally Posted by TARider
Looks like you may have originals on. Just a heads up on tire valve stems.
I had a close call when my rear valve stem popped out/broke in half while traveling
on the the highway. All I heard was a quick
deflation sound and things started getting loose. Luckily I managed to pull just
off the side of slow lane. It was a wild side to side ride for a few puckering
seconds. I remembered not to stomp on brakes and kept the gas steady. I did
roll throttle slightly every time the rear tried to get sideways. Thank God it
was not the front, otherwise I'm certain I would have come down. Off road
skills, I believe helped me ride the thing sideways as it slowed down.

I bought the scooter used and I had never changed the valve stems. I've only
had one set of tires put on since we got it and doesn't get used on a daily basis.
I simply forgot they could deteriorate. The rubber simply hardens and
looses its ability to stay together. Lesson Learned!.
In any case, check your valve stems every time you air up your tires. I bought a
new set from Honda but realized it would be wiser to use the rigid bolt on style.
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