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Originally Posted by Conspire
thanks warrior, I thought it would be risky to bend it, which is why I checked here first. can anyone give me a clue as to what's involved with removing the lever, do i have to take the sprocket off to get at it? is it a simple job with the ktm toolkit, or should i limp the bike down to the local bike mechanic. the ktm dealer is 45 km of highway away, but there's a local non ktm shop about 10-15 km from me. I don't have a lift, a garage, or any extra tools.
The lever is held in place with a bolt that has an 8MM head...if I remember correctly. Your tool kit should have a socket (and extension, if needed) to fit this...I believe the kit has a 6MM, 8MM, and 10MM socket.

Once again, if I remember correctly, upon re-installation, KTM recommends a certain kinda' "thread compound" for the bolt. It is a "Loc-Tite" part number of some sort. I couldn't find it, in my area. So, I just used medium strength "Permatex" threadlocker (P/N 24200).

I always believe that a person should follow the manufacturer's recommendations. However, since I could not find the Loc-Tite thread compound, I went with the Permatex...and haven't had a problem. I am not saying that you should do this...only that I did it without any drama.

EDIT: Good ol' veetwo beat me to it...faster fingers...

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