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Two DR's on a hot day-Western Oregon

Saturday Ride 7/10/2010

Frank (fbritt5) and Dave (smilin jack) took a little ride today, after completing some chores around our houses.
We met at my house about 11am and headed up hwy 20 to Sweet Home to stop for a deli sandwich and fuel. The parade going through town made things messy, but we got through town and headed into the mountains.

We got to Deer Creek (USFS Rd 15) and turned off for a “shortcut” over to hwy 126 on the McKenzie River. It was about 35 miles of nice gravel road. We found a picnic table at a trailhead, so stopped and chatted with some hikers and sat at the table for lunch. It was a hot day, so was glad to have removed the liners from my mesh riding suit. We weren’t too hot riding as long as we kept moving. Stops were planned for being in shade. We didn’t have a thermometer, but guessing things were in the mid-90’s.

We stopped several places along the gravel for pictures at the view points. When we were almost to hwy 126, there were a bunch of cars parked next to the McKenzie River. We didn’t think much of it, until seeing the Lane County Chaplain car, the Lane County Swift Water Rescue Truck and many people milling around, looking sad. Guess I’ll have to go read tonight’s paper to find out what happened. Don’t think it will be good news.

EDIT: Hiker drowns after falling into McKenzie River
Submitted by KVAL Communities... on Tuesday, July 13th, 3:49 pm

MCKENZIE BRIDGE, Ore. - Search crews recovered the body of a Nevada woman a day after she is believed to have slipped and fallen into the river while hiking on the McKenzie River trail.

Suzanne N. Hansen, 39, of Wendover, Nev., was reported missing Friday afternoon while on a hike with a partner on the McKenzie River near Deer Creek. Lane County Sheriff's Office search and rescue crews searched the bank of the river and the trail until night fall, then suspended the search until morning.

Hansen's body was found less than a half mile downstream from where she was last seen. Her body was recovered around 4 p.m. Saturday.

The Lane County Medical Examiner’s Office advised the cause of death to be drowning. The sheriff's office said it appears Hansen may have slipped on the trail and fallen down a 25 foot drop into the river.
End of newspaper article.

We rode down hill on hwy 126 and turned east on hwy 242 and followed the twisty highway up over the mountain, negotiating the 15 mph and 20 mph curves… some having loose gravel that was kicked off the shoulder by cars cutting the corner onto the gravel shoulders. I was able to get a video of the steep twisty road, but will have to figure how to stop the wind noise in the videos. Maybe a piece of tape over the microphone on the video camera will work?

Just before getting into Sisters, we saw a few people with a hack parked on the shoulder of the road in the shade of a big tree. Stickers were all over the sidecar and panniers… could that be Redmenace? We saw them later on top of hwy 242 on our return trip, but didn’t stop to chat.

We got to Sisters and fueled up at the station next to a burger joint. I drove my DR over to a parking spot and Frank walked his over. Seems the battery didn’t have enough oomph to turn the engine. He had been using his driving lights all day for better visibility, and that may have drained the battery. We talked it over and decided to park the bikes and get some food and drinks, and think it over. After eating and the bikes resting for about hour, his started right up. The driving lights were left off all the way home. We ended the day with about 230 miles in the hot weather. I drank 4 water bottles, 2 sodas and two Gator-aids and still was very thirsty at home. My cold tap water sure was good. I headed to the local store in the cage for some adult beverages to re-hydrate myself.

This picture of smilin jack (Dave) with the Three Sisters Mountains in the background, was taken from the top of the Observatory on hwy 242 (Old McKenzie Hwy), looking south. Yes, that is a LARGE lava flow in the background.

Dave (smilin jack)
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