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Originally Posted by veetwo _tls
to remove the lever you will need
8mm socket
extension bar
socket ratchet

bench vice

torque wrench
loctite 242 (blue) DO NOT USE THE RED

you will need at least a bench vice (with soft jaws or a rag rapped around the lever so the vice will not leave jaw marks in the alloy lever) & hammer (rubber mallet/soft hammer would be best) to tap it back.

have a friend close buy with these ? next best M/C shop.

use loctite & torque wrench to 25Nm - shift lever bolt ( ** M8 range from 20Nm-30Nm** )

(NO TORQUE WRENCH - do not over tighten when re-installing)

now buy a hammerhead shift lever from CJ

If your going to dispense advice on repairs, make sure its correct........

HH bolt on the shift lever (Adventure) M6 Loctite 243 + 10 Nm

There is a big difference between 10 and 25 Nm on a 6mm bolt, as in it will break at 25Nm....

My dad's a TV repair man, he has an awsome set of tools. We can fix that!

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