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Merida to Playa del Carmen

Playa is very touristy. Took a while for Paul and I to find a hotel for around 500 night. But I just ate the best tacos of my life. I'll go back tomorrow and take a pic of the place. Outstanding.

When we were arriving to the Yucatan I took this one. A lifelong dream fulfilled.

I read this book when I was a teenager called Tolteca or Quintana Roo where the killer turns out to be the detective investigating the crimes. (sorry for the spoiler) From then on I always wanted to go explore in the Yucatan Peninsula. The ruins the people...fascinating. Here is a facinating one. Name this fruit...

Paul mensioned the "P" word...Pithaya.

We had an amazing time in Merida. We arrived early, found a hotel and could not believe where we were. It had not rained on us all day. We drove into town and Paul said...we are going to get dumped on. We did. 10 minutes of the hardest rain ever. Found a great hotel near the centro historico and explored a little. Lots of people selling things in the plaza. Did not take the camera. Paul posted pics of dinner...amazing local fare. The strained beans were interesting and you can see in his pics that all the salsas were habanero based. The taste was great, but I paid for it in the morning.

In the morning I went to church. The building I went to was next to this building.

We took the libre all the way to Play del carmen and this is where the fun and the adventure began.

We were like 20 min. from Chichen Itza and I found a sign for a cenote. I drove over and some people were comming out and said it was amazing. We stripped down and went for a swim. Not before meeting these people from Merida and taking pics with them. Very nice people. He was very talkative about motorcycles and even while we were swimming.

Paul gave his daughter Dora stickers and she loved that. Her name was Dana...I have a cousin Danna. Que interesante...
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