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Wink More road to Playa del Carmen...

It's like 2:15 am and I'm in the room posting and Paul is down in the computer room hopefully we don't overlap too much. So we get to this cenote. I asked the woman taking our 30 pesos and watching our bikes and stuff how she got a cenote? Did she find it or did her parents give it to her. I was just joking, but she said yes...her dad gave it to her. It was a well, and they thought it might be a cenote. They started digging and look what they found...Paul has great pics of the water, but here is how he looked going down in...

The swimming was unreal. Cool clear water that went on for hundreds of meters. It's like swimming in a cave where stalagtights and stalagmites are all around. It was lit in one part, but in the deep part we were swimming kind of in the dark. The bats did not like us talking and the made noises. A few of them flew around us a little. Floating on your back it felt like looking at the bottom of the ocean. Great diversion. Then we got to Chichen Itza and saw this:

Espana still had not scored their World cup winning goal. So we went out to see the view. It was 116 pesos. Pretty cheap.

I saw this little guy over by the Cenote Sagrado

The ball court was very cool.

I was trying to get a picture of the plumed serpent eating El Castillo.

We have had so many people ask us about the bikes and want to take pictures of us, with us, near us. We usually make them jump up on the bikes. Mine has a center stand which makes it a little easier. The lady on Pauls bike freaked out like she was riding a bucking bronco.

Paul and I, we aim to please. It was so hot, and people kept saying...Those are cool motorcycles...can we get a picture. I told Paul...hurry up and get your gear on or we'll never get out of here. The ride to Carmen was great. We took Libre the whole way. Not because we wanted to. There was lots of construction and we went towards cuota...but it wasn't there. We can buzz over the topes (speed bumps for those of you that don't know) pretty quick. I hate when there is a sign for a tope...but then no tope...also in this area there were some like 8 inch tall topes that rattled us a little. Speaking of a good rattling...I was so excited that I saw two quail in the road running by. I used to hunt quail in Az and they are cool looking. Paul was right behind me and then both quail decided to fly away. One of them commited suicide by hitting my right shoulder pad in my jacket and hitting the ground. I could not believe it. I wanted to document it so I could prove that I also did some quail hunting today.

That was one dead quail.
It got a little dark and we took a wrong turn...but the last 45 min. were very cool and breezy. Playa del Carmen has great weather. Nice and cool. We have had amazing weather this whole trip so far. Today many dreams were lived out. I have to say here for those who I know who said "You could not pay me to go to Mexico right now". I'm sorry you are not here to experience the genuine kindness of the people here. I have always loved Mexico, but I have so much more respect for the people and the country after just 7 days. I'm very excited about the next 14.
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