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Chichen Itza fotos to follow soon, but hereŽs a preview video of a little conversation I had with a boy....

He comes up to me, after having talked to a Mexican couple sitting under a tree in the shade, and asks if I speak Spanish...when he heard I did he instantly became my friend, sat down beside me and started chatting about this and that. It was sticker time and I pulled out a sheet and gave them to him. He didnŽt know what they were. I had to peel one off and show it to him. I also gave him a set of 4 crayons and he liked that, but did point out that one was broken.

Soon two other boys, older, about 13 or 14, wander over and ask if IŽd like to boy any of their little mayan god statue replicas. I explained that I had very little space for gifts because I was traveling by motorcycle. They liked that idea.

Back to little boy...he said something I didnŽt catch and he said he had just counted to 3 in mayan...ok, I said, do it again but let me film you...

( to make the above link seen as video within this post? and let me know if it doesnŽt work)

And hereŽs a photo...

I did end up buying a little 3 inch mayan god from the 14 old boy...dios de la abundancia...for 20 pesos. He said he can sell them sometimes for $15 (US) to the rich american tourists but that since I made a good impression on him heŽd let me have it for 30 pesos. I looked at him without saying anything and he says since I gave him stickers too (and for his sisters) that he would lower it to 20 pesos (a buck 60 or so). I started to say how about 15, but then pulled out a 20 peso bill and said that was just fine. We then went over phrases in English that they could use with potential customers and they really liked that...minds like sponges with the language. Said they could speak enough Italian to make sales as well. Sales were slow today, they said, and I wished them better luck next Sunday as I left.
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