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I´ve been to Tikal some 20 years ago, to Coban in Honduras, and wanted to visit C.I. for some time, so it was good to finally get here, and particularly by motorcycle.

Wasn´t pretty, but a wet hanky keeps it cool...

Jeff´s got 5 children, so he has promises to keep...

He found a couple of cool shirts...

Really, this deserves one more shot...

Plus one on Jeff´s comments aobut the people from before...just super friendly and the bikes seem to be a magnet for conversation. I´ve done a couple of solo rides in Mexico but never received as much attention as this time around...must be Jeff...or maybe it´s the new model of KLR he´s riding. No matter, we´ve had several people want pics with us dressed up in our mc gear and we´re both about 6´3", so I think they like the height difference. But those who have approached us have been really enjoyable to talk to and they love the idea of how we´re traveling. I think I do too!
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