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Originally Posted by GoFar
Sorry, I hadn't read the whole thread and you probably posted it.

I'm familiar with the early 259's and the '04' any chance is it a twin spark OR does it have the stick coil/sender arrangement? I'm just fishing a little as stick coils are a continuing issue...

If it's not, that's an issue that I haven't encountered before. I think you said you've done wires..????
It's a single spark 2003 1150. I have read about the stick coil issues though.

As of yesterday, I picked up new battery, installed it and it was in worse shape than the battery it is replacing. After initial charge of 2 hours or so, it would not turn the starter, even when the charger was still connected. With volt meter in place, voltage dropped to 4.5 volts when starter button was pressed. Probably won't have another until Tuesday or Wednesday. Another weekend without a motorbike.

And Monday afternoon I get to remove the rear drive and replace the bearings. While the bike was on the center stand I checked for play and noticed a bit of side to side and up and down movement.

It seems I am getting the complete BMW experience.
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