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Originally Posted by Plaka
Seriously, for the OP, Sometimes I've used my taller luggage box as a table while sitting on the shorter one---to cut up some meat or fiddle with the stove. But I've never really wanted a table but not had one and thought, "gee, if only I was carrying a table". I did look at some of the stuff on the Touratech site, pretty slick and some looked compact as well. I dunno. I get pretty feral pretty fast when I camp (heck, at home too). I look for a campsite that has something to work with, Part of the fun is taking whatever you find and with a bit of knowledge and cleverness, making yourself comfortable. If I get into carrying all the comforts (including furniture) of home the endgame is just going out in a motorhome---or a GL1800 at least.
+1. I looked at camping tables and then realised I've never ever missed not having one, or looked at someone else's with envy. No disrespect to those who want to take them, but I honestly cannot think of a situation where I'd use one. I tend to cook in my porch, lying down in the sleeping compartment of my tent. I usually eat the same way. Stove/cans etc. go on the floor. If it's really muddy/waterlogged, they go on top of something that is already dirty/wet on one side (which goes dirty side down) or a carrier bag. Only time I can see myself wanting one would be to play cards on and a card table would be overkill and a thermarest usually makes a reasonable enough stand in.

Still, a lot of people think I'm comfort-hungry for taking a camping pillow. Horses for courses, I suppose. If I were to get one, something that took advantage of the panniers would probably be what I'd go for.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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