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Originally Posted by ronnath
i got it a year ago this month. it's on 07 model and had 625 miles on it. the dealer where i got it is multi-line and yamaha is one of them. i wanted to get a new one, but there wasn't one in any dealer's inventory within a hundred miles or so, so i went with the low-mileage used one. the dealer actually had two of them, but the other one was a year newer but had a lot more miles on it.

rode it into the late fall (just a week or so later, we had our first blizzard) and then stored it until this past march.)

now, about the bike.

it's big, heavy (nearly 500 pounds wet), and comfortable on the road. in fact it's very comfortable on my around town riding.

storage is very good with a lot of room under the seat and two gloveboxes up front.

it's in the faster team yamaha blue color

starts instantly and runs just fine - no flat spots thru the range.

majestys are known for having a fairly high tip-in point and this one is no different. mine hits nearly 4500 rpm before engaging. if you're at an uphill stop sign or light, it's into the 5000s before moving off. other maj owners report the high 3's and low 4's on theirs. i honestly think i may have fried the drive belt a bit on a stupid (read: my fault) steep uphill manuver when i first got it. i've found that once well warmed up, the tip-in point is lower on the tach.

it's a thumper, of course, so there is some vibration at lower speeds. north of 40 or so, it disappears. other owners report the same thing.

the heavy weight and bigger motor don't help much when it comes to gas mileage. about 50. i once got nearly 60 but there were a lot of highway miles on that tank of gas. by comparison, my sportcity, and the reflex before that, were consistently in the mid 60s. both of those were 250s.

the tank on the maj holds something over 3 gallons so i can be running all over town for a week for about 7 bucks.

many majesty owners report swapping out the windshield for the bigger givi claiming the stock shield allows too much wind to hit them in the face. they must be wearing three quarter or half helmets because with my FF that has never been a problem. i've found the stock shield to be just fine.

all that said, you asked how it has been so far and whether there were any major issues.

i'm a little over 2k now and it's been fine. no major issues at all. in fact, other than the lower gas mileage than i was used to, there haven't even been any minor issues.

wait, here's one: i have a bum left ankle and the sidestand is tucked in pretty close to the plastics, so i have to get off the bike to put it down. but that issue is uniquely mine, YMMV.

Thanks for the input. I think I am going to add the Majesty to my list of bikes to consider.

I Heard that for 2011, Yamaha may redesign the Majesty? Do you know this to be true? I actually haven't heard that anywhere, other than in another forum post...

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