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Originally Posted by Saltbox
So I have been enjoying giving and receiving the ADV salute, lots of fun. Last night I'm crusing down the highway when I see a white ford explorer ahead and low and behold it has a FYYFF sticker on the rear window, yeah its fun time. Of course I speed up and manuever over to the right lane, pace the vehicle so that I am right next to the driver. A little toot on the horn to get his attention, and then give him the salute. WOW, wrong reaction, this guy is pissed. He immediatly slows down and gets right behind me. Now he's close, not to close but he's beeping his horn and saluting me over and over. Fine, I move over to the slow lane and get ready for my exit. This guy does the same thing, and gets off at the same exit as me. He follows me for about a mile and then starts flashing his lights like he wants to pass, so I move over to the side of the road, so does he. WTF? So I stop, so does he. He gets out of his vehicle and walks up to me,with a brisk pace. I got off my bike and moved so that the bike was between me and him. Did I metion that this guy is HUGE. His fists look like canned hams.
He proceeds to rant and rave about fucking motorcycles, and why did I flip him off, calls me a fuckin smartass that needs to be taught a lesson. I try to defuse the situation and ask him what kind of bike he rides, from his looks I 'm guessing a Harley. He responds with I would never own one of those fucking death traps. So I ask him why he has the sticker on it, as I point it out. He is like WTF does that mean? I show him the same sticker on my bike and explain what it means. At this point the guy busts out laughing, apologizes to me for riding my ass. He says that it is actually his wife's car and I've just explained why motorcyclists keep saluting his wife. Seems the guys wife actually complained to him that for no reason motorcycles where flipping her the bird. He had just assumed that his wife was a crappy driver and probably had done something to deserve it.

So if you sell your ride, take the stickers off. Some people may not be as understanding.

That's funny as hell... a little.

I was at the Pikes Peak race this year, and there were some inmates that were going to meet up.

I see this HUGE harley looking type dude next to a very nicely farkled 1200 GS - with ADV sticker.

I walk up, flip him off, and he's like, "yeah, I get that a lot.... what does that mean"? HAHAH. VERY cool dude. Retired at 50 from building custom choppers. Totally sold on not doing big miles on HDs any more.

We bullshitted for about 20 minutes. Nice dude.

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