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Originally Posted by Chadx
I think the recommendation to try the 12 tooth is a good one. You don't have to run it for thousands of miles (though I did with no damage). You can try it for a couple hundred miles and see if you like that gear ratio or want to go deeper. 12/43 is falls between 13/46 or 13/47. I ran 12/43 for over 2,000 miles and it helped me decide to go with 13/48 which has proven to be an all around great gear for me. This is all with a D606 on the back, though, so my 13/48 is closer to a 13/46 with standard height tire.

My wife's WRR has 13/52 and standard height rear tire and that is great on the trail, but I don't like it on the road. Above 60mph or so, it gets buzzy. That is fine for her, though, since she doesn't ride that bike on the road much and doesn't take that bike much over 65mph. The low gearing there definitely helps liven things up a bit plus she doesn't need to feather the clutch as much in the slow going. First is deep enough that it can pull through whatever within any clutchwork.

That being said, nachtflug, this will never be as peppy as a race 250 or 450, but then, you'll never have to do a valve check at 100 hours and an oil change after every ride, either. I've not modded mine for more power because I get a kick out of wringing it's neck all day long, but those that have done the exhaust, programmer, and airbox mods have really gained a good percentage of power without all the work and expense of a 290 kit. Still, you are pushing nearly 300lbs vs. 235lbs of some of the race 450 bikes. But I sure seem to be a lot fresher after 9 hours of aggressive trail riding compared to when I trail rode my CRF450R.

appreciated. on reflection, the rides I've been on were less than enjoyable as riding was second to dealing with the ridiculously ill suited power. the tease has been in fairly rocky stuff the suspension is a real joy to experience. they sure have come a long way since 1971 . Christ that bike is sweet for a "dual sport".

Is everyone going with GYTR sprockets or just ordering WRR stuff. I really want to try the bike with what sounds like a 13/48 combo and give it another chance. thanks for the input.
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