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Originally Posted by DugsGMS
I used to run 12t on the front and had no problems with wear. I now run a 13 and a 48t rear so I can just change to a 12t or 14t front depending on the ride Im going on, though 99% of the time I stick w/ the 13.

Alot of people have alot of way to adjust chain tension but theres way too many varialbles involved in using a arbitrary measurement like 2 fingers or the like to get a accurate measurement. Everyones fingers are different. That being said, I will give what I feel is the absolute best way to adjust chain tension.

First of all put the bike on a stand. Next, remove the bolt that attatches the shock linkage pivot to the swing arm. Next put a floor jack under the rear tire and jack it up until the front sprocket nut, the swing arm pivot bolt and the axle nut are all lined up. That is the point where the the front and rear sprocket are the absolute farthest apart. Now adjust chain tensoin so there is just the slightest amount of slack. I usually set it so if I put my thumb under the chain and my index finger on top a couple of links away and squeeze theres just a little bit of give. At that point, using the adjusters make sure the rear wheel is straight. Dont trust the markings on the swing arm or the adjuster blocks, use a straight edge placed on the face of the rear sprocket and running down the length of the chain. Next, recheck chain tension and when youre satisfied, reassemble and tighten everything up.

Sounds like alot of work but you really only have to do it once, once the bike is all reassembled and tightened up, take the bike off the stand and feel how much slack is in the chain with the bike on its kick stand. All you need to do from then on is remember that or if you dont trust your memory measure it and from then on when ever you have to remove the rear wheel or adjust chain tension for any reason all you have to do is adjust tension to that spec with the bike on the kick stand and you have the perfect adjustment.

Hope that helps anyone thats real obsessive like me to be able to sleep well at night knowing that youre not doing damage to the bike while riding it.

Anyways, while Im posting here Id like to see if anyone whose fuel pump went out on them could give me their experience as I think mines on its way out. Lately my bike has been down on power, not terribly down but a noticeable amount. It feels fine at lower rpms and on big quick throttle openings but at high rpm WOT runs it feels like it runs out of steam on the top end. It doesnt fall on its face or anything but it just feels not as powerful as it once did. Also, once in a great while itll stumble or surge and once it got so bad thet it had almost no power, would stall at every stop and was real hard to start. When it did that I shut it off, let it sit for a few, restarted and it was fine and never happened again.

I really think its a fuel problem (lack of delivery volume)and was planning on getting a new pump when I change to my big tank but was hoping that someone whose died on them could give me some info on the symptoms they experienced before theirs died. Thanks in advance.
Could be the pump, but I'd pull it and check if there's any crap blocking the intake. Dunno if the WR has a filters on the pressure side, but that would also be worth if it does.
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