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My stalling problem alleviated...

So, I have had an issue with my '07 X-Country stalling. It would always stall after about 30 seconds of running, when started from cold. It got very bad recently, and would stall 3-4 times, until full up to temperature.

I saw that there was a software update for my GS-911 unit. The update enabled the unit to reset the adaptation values for the idle control stepper, O2 sensor, and fuel computer. I reset all of them, idles the bike until the fan switched on. This seems to have stopped the stalling completely.

But that might just be a workaround for something else that's wrong. I might have low fuel pressure; clogged strainer or bad fuel pressure regulator. Although, I'm not sure if this bike even has a fuel pressure regulator. It might be a loose hose clamp on the throttle body; the dealership claimed that was the problems at one point.

Anyone got any tricks for removing the fuel pump without buying the special BMW tools?
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