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I've had it for a month or so now and I have to say it's one of the more fun bikes I've owned. My 950 has been beaten to death and leaks oil like a BP well so it's been retired until I can do a full rebuild. I was very lucky to get the Hyper in time for summer. I'm no fan of Terblahhhhh but this was his best bike - perhaps his only good one.

I think the Hyper is one of the "truest" bikes out there in terms of being perfectly suited for the task at hand - just like the 950. The bike is light, super nimble and just begs to be flogged. The aircooled engine is perfect in terms of aesthetics, simplicity, and weight. Lot's of people complain that it runs out of steam after 126mph but honestly this is where modern sportbikes fail - they're designed for a world of ultra high speed. The Hyper is just untouchable under 100mph and on a tight backroad it feels as if you've been shot out of a canon and are riding the canon ball. I like that.

Did a track day recently with CLASS at VIR and while I got waxed between turn 17 and turn one I had no problem from turns 1-17. Deals Gap the following day was too fun and once again, for the riding I do, this bike gave more grins than anything else. She's a little down on power to my 950 but that is very easy to fix with an aftermarket swimming in options.

I'm doing a build on this bike now and while I don't plan on changing it too much I do intend to make it a little different. I'll post a photo when I'm done.

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