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Originally Posted by slide
What is a GS-911 unit and how does one reset it?

It's a code reader / interface pod for BMW bikes. It's fairly expensive, $300. I bought it as a shot-in-the-dark way to try and fix my stalling problem since the dealerships were totally useless. It's quite a nice tool, though.

It does logging, too. Since dealerships have been unable to resolve the problem after 5 visits, I had been gathering logs of it stalling to eventually send to BMW corporate ... or something.

Ostensibly, the BMW computer unit should be able to do the exact same 3 reset functions. It "should" take 15 seconds to do, so hopefully you'll be able to talk your dealership into doing it for you for cheap, or free. I think you're supposed to do it with the engine cold, and then idle it until the fan turns on.

Now if there was only some way this GS-911 could fix the wretched transmission on this bike....
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