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Originally Posted by Bob Tosi
Nice Girlie!

Originally Posted by blacktiger
FYI you'll notice that the frame and engine numbers are different. This is apparently to help confuse a thief. Change one or the other and you'll need the original documentation to know what numbers to stamp in.
That's good to know .....

Originally Posted by Mudhen
Nice looking bike, G!

A buddy of mine out here has the same '00, with the silver cases - I like it! I always thought someone had put the cases on after...but that must be the way they came? Black bike/silver cases?

What can does it have on it? D&D? How's it sound?
Hey Mudhen .....

Ironically, with mine, the cases did come after. The P.O. bought them off e-bay after he already had the bike. Me, personally, I don't mind the silver bags, and they will completely suffice until I by mounts for my Gobis.

The can is an EVO Quill exhaust ..... and it sounds a little dirty .....

Originally Posted by mustang
either your chain is adjusted way to freakin tight or you are due for a new chain and sprocket set have zero adjustment left in the chainset by the looks of the eccentric adjusters .

nice looking tigger though the fast color
Thanks again!

Interestingly enough, I checked the chain out, and it's not tight. I mean, there's a good deal of play in it. Rear sprocket looks in pretty good shape .... which doesn't mean a new sprocket isn't in order sometime soon, but yeah .... the chain is definitely not overly tight.

Oh .... the chain is from last year and has about 2500 to 3000 miles on it

Any other thoughts as to the zero adjustment on the adjusters ????

03 Caponord

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