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Originally Posted by apullin
Feels... clunky? Dropping from neutral to first with the engine running usually results in a pretty alarming CLACK, and a small jump or lurch. It's not uncommon for it to not fully go into gear on downshifts, leaving me stuck between 2nd and 3rd. With the engine off, and in 1st, it feels like it's dragging, even with the clutch in. The engagement isn't very smooth... all the friction is in last 10% of the clutch lever. And you have to be super ginger to find neutral. The shift lever seems to have a lot of travel that isn't actually shifting the transmission, too ... 50% play, 50% shift.

Maybe I'm just a terrible rider. But my KTM transmission felt a lot better. And japanese (sportsbike) transmissions have always felt like precise machines.
I have a similar problem with my Xcountry.

BMW told me that gear changes are different to Jap bikes. Apparently you need to fully take the pressure off the gear lever between gear changes when changing down.

I'm trying very hard to make sure I do this to see what the difference is. Not sure yet.
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