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Originally Posted by Srbenda
So what would you LR experts suggest I do with my 2003 4.6 Disco?

It's just 100K, and I presume something catastrophic will go wrong soon. Does anyone do good diesel conversions? Tranny rebuilds?

I would rather do it and plan it then get caught suddenly.
Mavette has a similar Disco - and things are starting to go wrong, but nothing that you could've predicted and/or prevented. Like the wheel bearing seal went last week, pissing oil over the break pads to add insult to injury. Every 2 or 3 months it seems something is going wrong. It like the car new that the payments were done on the loan and now it wants the money on repairs!

So if you love it, keep paying as and when things go wrong. If you don't, get another car!

All the gear.. no idea!
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