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Originally Posted by Fe Man
So here is the deal; my eleven year old loves Disco's and claims he wants one for his first car. I had a 96 and absolutely loved it my recognize the inherent issues and I believe I have sorted out a solution to one of my biggest complaints, the engine.

We intend to put a Cadillac Northstar V8 in a non-running Disco! A clean broken Disco can be purchased for about $8.00 USD and nearly free is a perfect starting point. I am pretty sure I have got all of the details sorted out but we are a couple of years away from starting. If anyone is interested in attempting this feat, I would be happy to assist.
You need to address the head gasket issue on the Northstar first. Best solution is Then that motor would be awesome in a Disco.

I had those studs put in my son's Deville and it is has been perfect ever since.
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