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Day 2 - Predawn

It's about 5:30 and excitement has me awake, again. At least it's not like yesterday morning's 4:00 wake up.

The last half hour was spent navigating a foreign house in the dark. After some stub toes and quick descents down some wooden steps, I made it to the kitchen and made some brew.

Being up this early has also given me some time to think about my riding partner.

It seems like most riding buddies are close, either family members or lifetime friends. The pair or group already know how to meet the needs of others and know when to be extra patient when certain situation arise. Although, @large and I have known each other for 10 years, we haven't spent very much time just hanging out.

We met 10 years ago at a job interview for a 5th grade teaching position. I was 28, newly married, and in search for a teaching job. He had a son enrolled in the school and was one of several on the search committee. I don't remember much from the interview except that they had a bottle of water for me. I grabbed it and held on to it like a security blanket. I find job interviews pretty nerve wracking.

Since then I've been a teacher to both his son, who is going off to college this fall, and his daughter, who is starting her sophomore year of high school. Almost all of our interactions have been "school related," so one more part of this trip. One more aspect about "What's around the next corner?" is finding out how he and I will get along.

So far it's been good:
We both like planning 70 miles at a time.
@large stops to take pictures when I think, "It'd be cool to take a picture of that."
@large is taking most of the pictures.
Our bladders are on the same schedule.
Neither one of us are in a rush.

So, we'll see what today has in store. Medford, Ashland, Bend, something else?
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