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Originally Posted by apullin
Hrm, I can complain about mine, but maybe I just suck. It always feels like there is something "in the way" when I'm shifting, unless I use only 5% of the travel of the clutch lever. And it always makes a "slam" sound when I put it from neutral to first.

I guess I'll check that shaft next time I change my oil... or if I find something clean to drain my oil into. But I'm sure it'll be something much worse wrong.
There is a different feel to typical BMW transmissions than others. I think BMW has changed the feel of the transmissions on the new R bikes (and K?) to resemble Japanese bikes, but ours still has the old clunk feel.

It really is technique and it's helped by using very stiff riding boots. Shift definitely and with authority helps. It really is a feel you develop. Of course, like the stupid turn signal switchgear on older BMW multiples, BMW claims its way is best, but I personally would prefer if BMW subbed the transmission out to Zook.
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