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Originally Posted by Max Bialystock

Hi Jeff,
A few things come to mind. TyreGuardian is not water soluble Ride on is. TyreGuardian does not require you to remove the foreign object from a puncture for it to seal the tire. No air loss at all when a tire is punctured up to 1/4" dia. for tubeless and 1/8" for tube type tires.
Of course you should inspect your tires before every ride and after.

Ride on must be washed out of the tire, TyreGuardian can be removed in one piece for disposal or left in the tire for recycle. TyreGuardian is race tested up to 170mph. One more thing please take advantage of our 10% discount for inmates of
Discount Code "TGADV"
Thanks for the question.
I neglected to mention Ride on takes up to 3x the amount to fill a tire. For instance, according to their bottle, it takes 23oz (fluid oz) to use on a 285/65-16. TyreGuardian requires 220ml, which equates to 7.4oz (3.1x the amount). Ride on creates a lot of extra rolling weight to the tire, which can cause serious imbalance problems.

One other thing about water solubility. Since Ride On is water soluable, when a puncture is sealed with a water soluable product like RideOn/Slime, what happens is you run the risk of the puncture hole opening back up in the rain or snow (one of our slime test tires actually started to fully deflate in the winter when it snowed). It may be one of the reasons these products request to change the tire immediately after a puncture, whereas we do not. Hope this helps!
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