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Originally Posted by slide
There is a different feel to typical BMW transmissions than others. I think BMW has changed the feel of the transmissions on the new R bikes (and K?) to resemble Japanese bikes, but ours still has the old clunk feel.

It really is technique and it's helped by using very stiff riding boots. Shift definitely and with authority helps. It really is a feel you develop. Of course, like the stupid turn signal switchgear on older BMW multiples, BMW claims its way is best, but I personally would prefer if BMW subbed the transmission out to Zook.
I concur, but don't necessarily like it. The gear box and clutch do seem less forgiving than those on other bikes, keeping you honest about your shifting and not letting you get lazy. The sweet spot wherein revs match for seemless, completely smooth shifting seems narrower. A few things that help me: Don't shift up too soon, let it rev up. Yes, be definitive. Don't wait to shift until your clutch lever is pulled in all the way as that seems to allow time for revs to drop too much. Don't let out too much throttle, just a bit. Pull the shift lever straight up with your foot (probably nothing mechanical here but plays a part, for me, in being definitive about your shift). Blip the throttle a little (not too much) for downshifts.
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