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Originally Posted by HunSolo
Hey Jim,

What is the shelf life of TG when it has been opened? What's up with the "4 to 8 tires" claim on the 250ml cycle bottle when your calculator shows 200ml for a standard pair of motorcycle tires? 4-8 (Bi)cycle tires seems to calc OK.

Cool product. Looks like the liter size is the way to go if it lasts on the shelf. My order is on the way.
Hi HunSolo, (great handle )
TyreGuardian will store for at least 1 year after being opened provided the containers cap is put back on the container.

Your are correct about the 4-8 tire claim includes bicycle tires. I used a cycle container for my cruiser which has a fat 200/55/17 rear tire and a skinny 90/55/21 for the front, admittedly it used almost all of the 250ml. Like most products larger containers are a better deal.
Thanks for the order and let us know how it works out for you.
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