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If I ever do something like this again I think I'll actually look at a map first

I know you probably want the money shot but I thought I'd take you on my little ride first...

Got off to a lazy 2pm start yesterday. I had an idea where Port Orford was so I just blasted North up the 5 for a bit. Turbulence on the freeway was really nasty, I thought my visor was gonna rip off of my Arai so at Glendale I turned off and headed up the Cow Creek. I thought about heading over to Powers but for some reason I was thinking Port Orford was much further North

So I went up through Riddle and back on the 5 to Dillard on to HWY 42. Sure lucked out on all the road construction, I think I hit all but one right as they were sending everyone through.

Sure have BIG bugs over here

Had to stop and get some shots for Ladybug

So anyways I roll through Coquille and just happen to look down at my gps, and it's saying to make a U-turn. I'm thinking wtf? Luckily I listened to it and did not go North.

Kind of a roundabout way to get there but I finally made it

Not really sure why we need a fire hydrant on a beach

The grab!

Originally I was planning on going North and spending the night at a friends place in Springfield. But I then realized how close to Gold Beach I was and more importantly The Barnacle Bistro! So I decided to head South.

As much as I needed to be getting back over the mountain, I had to stay for this money shot

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