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Originally Posted by Grainbelt
It sounded in your first post like the bike isn't new, so you are well past the break-in period.

My (2006) 650R had a slightly narrower oil change interval, but I wasn't militant about it. The oil never had any metal particles in it, nor any sludge, and it never burned oil. I'd advise that you keep an eye on the condition of the oil, but you should be fine changing the oil at the intervals advised by the manufacturer.

Focus on enjoying the ride - I've only been without mine for a week and I already miss the rush between 7-10k RPMs.
yeah mike, you are correct, she already way pass the break in period, now clocking near 9000km, just local advice to do an oil change for every 4000km(max) to preserve your bike, but i did ask kawasaki US and UK, both gave me the same answer, you can change even more frequent, just the recommended 7000mile/12000km oil change interval wont makes your bike went wrong. temperature here is in between 28-34 degree C whole year, that why i am a bit confuse to change earlier or just follow the spec by Kawasaki. Anyway wish you enjoy your ride, after few hours i will be traveling for 250+km back to my working city.Weekends end....
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