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The real reason for this trip...

A year and a half ago I returned from Mexico in Tecate. It was getting late, it was raining, and I didn't see any place to take care of the "permiso temporal de vehículo" for my moto. I was waved forward and crossed the border before I even realized it. Wanted to get to a hotel before the cold and rain got to me and forgot all about the permiso.

Well, this trip I went back with all my original papers on the same moto. I had called ahead and talked to border officials to see if there would be any issues. They told me there wouldn't be.

At the Colombia Bridge crossing near Laredo, there were none. I simply had to cancel the old permiso and purchase a new one to enter right away. No fine, no penalty, nor was I given a bad time by anyone. No problem. FYI.

This time, I remembered to cancel it...

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