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The rest of Utah

Your wait is over. Here is the rest of Utah. I am working on Nevada now up to Battle Mountain where we are currently staying.

After our day of "rest" we left the Rustic Inn and hit the trail up to Salina, UT.

After getting gas and food, the trail took us up what had to be a 40 degree atv incline next to I-70 to follow this old deserted road.

Then to the entrance of Black Dragon Canyon and the start of my bad day...

First I couldn't get up this rocky incline. Got pissed at Chris for not helping me. That didn't help anything.

And then I had my first spill.

It was upsetting.

And then again.

And then again here. This one was bad. Too fast in the sand and I crushed my right, injured, leg under my side box. I think the boot saved it from breaking.

And again.

My crash total was somewhere around 7 or 8. Needless to say I was worn out after the first crash. I was ready to get on I-70 and head home. But I stayed with it.

We got out of the canyon finally and spent the rest of the time winding our way through an area with volcanic black rock all over.

Then we wove around and under I-70 to Salina, UT for the night.

And through two rock tunnels.

The next day from Salina, UT to Baker, NV was awful. Just suffering through the dust until Oregon.

We followed this canal to some ATV trails.

Here was my fix for yesterdays spill.

This was the 30-35 degree rocky downhill we had to take. Now I love near death experiences as much as the next adventure rider but not so many so close together...

No amount of engine deceleration and/or braking will slow you through this slick, steep corner. I took this at about 30 mph.

After almost dying, it was on to the straight and flat for a while.

Finally we got a break from the unexciting to play around on the dry lakebed of Sevier Lake.

Later, we stopped for shade by Crystal Peak.

Eventually we made it to the spec of green in the middle of The Great Basin that was Baker, NV.
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