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Originally Posted by PaleRider
... ... back to the future as it were. Here in Denver there are several older neighborhoods which have that kind of house size. Sadly, in some neighborhoods they scrape off the old and pop in the huge (on little lots).
Agreed. But sometimes even when you're putting up a house that has no more square footage than the old ones it can be cheaper to go back with all new. Trying to get the plumbing, electrical, insulation, closet space and open floor plans people want in newer, smaller, homes can simply be too much of a pain to do in some older construction. Just because we're ready to go back to between 900 and 1,250sf of living space doesn't mean people are willing to go back to 2'x2' closets, no master bath and R.00029 walls. The cost to move load bearing walls, or add beams that can drop rooms down to 7' ceiling heights, move windows and then brick up moved exterior wall openings, etc. can exceed the cost of just going back with new. Not always, but often.
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