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Originally Posted by osii
I've gone from 4500 to 1200 ft. I thought I was downsized.

I might agree that these new tiny houses may be better built, but I have seen no real proof of that. And even well built homes need work eventually. When you are talking about 8x20, you have a ton of options.

I guess the price is what really floored me. If they could deliver this for $9995, then we may be talking about something really revolutionary. But when I see the prices they want, it's just a rich guys toy. It's not really something practical that is ever going to take off. No one will buy that little 160 ft place when in this housing market, they can easily get something around 800 or 900 ft. for the same price. And especially when they can buy a nicer equipped RV for way less.

I'm getting a 18x22 shed/garage built on a concrete slab for under $6k.
Well BMW kind of follows the same idea
there are bikes out there that are much faster and cheaper.
But BMW has managed to make a market for their bikes.
So has tumblewoodweed homes.

It's all about marketing, convince people you have a superior product that's worth more.
Some people will believe it and some wont.

But to say the whole "movement" is based around making mobile homes "gentrified" is a little far fetched. Even if there are elements that are doing just that.
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